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Our Services

We offer a multitude of cross-sectoral, comprehensive, and high-level Human Trafficking Detection Training,  and Compliance & Risk Assessment Consulting by highly seasoned,
award-winning survivor educators and subject matter experts.

Human Trafficking Detection Training

Project-Based Private Consulting

Customized Employment Training

Human Trafficking Literary


Compliance & Risk Assessment Consulting

"We are more than just our stories" - Timea E Nagy, Founder of TC Online Institute

Our Survivor Educators come with lived experience, and have also gone and dedicated their lives on the front lines in various sectors, completed diplomas and education and gained credentials to offer comprehensive, up-to-date, accurate content to all sectors on human trafficking. Our Survivor Educators are Forensic Nurses, Expert Witnesses in Criminal Court cases, Coders and AI Intelligence Designers, Service Providers, CEOs, Former Bankers, Entrepreneurs, Lawyers, Police Influencers, International Award-Winning Human Right Activists, Seasoned Speakers, and Advocates. 

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