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About Us

The world’s first survivor-led global educational firm

specializing in cross-sectoral, modern-day slavery, awareness, detection, compliance, and risk assessment training.


Founded by globally recognized, international award-winning Survivor Educator, Timea E. Nagy. Ms. Nagy and her Survivor Educator Team come with 40+ combined years of professional speaking and training experience, and have trained over 200,000 people from various sectors in North America. Between 2009 and 2015, Timea and her team worked with Law Enforcement on over 500 investigations, and provided victim care support to over 400 survivors and their families. They assisted the RCMP on Canada’s largest forced labor case and are currently assisting American Police investigations in joint partnership with DeliverFund. 

Ms. Nagy started educating the financial sector’s AML departments in 2017 in North America. Her name and training techniques quickly became one of the most sought-after, talked about within the AML world in English-speaking countries. 

TC Online Institute brings presenters together not only from the Survivor Educator community but also subject matter experts from the AML sector, regulators, and law enforcement.  Every single presenter, including survivors, bring their unique experiences, lessons learned, and best practices based on years of work in the field.


Delivered over 3000 lectures;

 training and education.


Trained over 50,000

professionals globally.


Consulted and trained in over 150 cities around the world.


Assisted and supported over 350 survivors of human trafficking.

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