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Why Choose TC Online Institute?




           SAVE YOUR REPUTATION     


                      GIVE BACK TO THE CAUSE


Survivor Lead

Our unique backgrounds and lived experiences, combined with subject matter expert knowledge, make us arguably the most competitive group of industry leaders in the Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery education field today. Learn more


Socially Responsible

When you hire us, you will not only hire and employ Survivors of Human Trafficking, but a generous portion of the revenue goes toward supporting Survivors of Human Trafficking through various projects. These ventures include business coaching, emergency relocation funds, rent subsidy, micro-loans and more. Learn more


Highly Effective

Our style of education is innovative, inspirational, motivational, interactive and extremely effective. As soon as we deliver our training, your employees and/or management can implement the tools for immediate impact.


Eliminating Reputational Damages

Given the fact that we are living in a "cancel" culture, the #1 reputational risk for most companies is being publicly shamed. Regardless of the laws, and/or possible legal or financial punishments, our current economic climate suggests that companies can not afford to have a bad reputation. Our team of experts can help to eliminate those risks. Learn more about corporate legislations and responsibilities here.


Award-Winning Leadership with 10 + Years of Experience

Founder and team leader Timea E Nagy has been recognized both Internationally and Nationally. Still, some of the most recognizable awards and medals came from Queen Elizabeth II., the Prime Minister of Canada, The Governor-General of Canada, the Attorney General, and the Free the Slaves International. She is also a serving member of the United Nations Financial Taskforce, a consultant with OSCE Europe and a National Training Advisor with DeliverFund US. Timea's award-winning team of Survivor experts comes with years of experience consulting North American and European Global leaders, Public and Private Sectors on Modern Day Slavery. 


Our High-Level Advisory Board


Founder & CEO

Best selling Author

Timea E Nagy

We take extreme pride in our high-level, award-winning, industry-leading, visionary Senior Advisory Board. Our executive team is being carefully guided by individuals who are highly respected, with years of experience and credentials within their industry, with a passion for finding solutions to eradicate Modern Day Slavery together. 

Learn about our Advisory board here.