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Current Classes

Current Classes Offered
for Individuals 


Up to 2 hours classes


Self-paced learning

Quiz+certificate of completion

Up to 30 days access

The classes offer a basic understanding of human trafficking from the Survivor's perspective, root causes, and what you can do to help.

Suggested audience: General public, students, parents, politicians, researchers

Digital Sex Trafficking and Digital Safety
For Parents - 2023                        

Release date:

Available now

"Can You See Me Now?"
Human Trafficking Course for Service Providers - 2023

Release date:

Available now


"Out of the Shadows"  Part 1 
The Journey of Timea Nagy's Story and Escaping 
Suggested for General Public                        

This is going to be a Live event, recorded with a live audience on April 21st, 7 pm EST 

If you purchase your seat and miss the Live event, you will be notified when we release the recording version via email. You will get 30 days of private access to view it. 

Tentative release date: September 15th

Human Trafficking 101
Basic Understanding of Human Trafficking   
Suggested for General Public
Topics covered: Human Trafficking 101, Root Causes, Pop Culture, Domestic Sex Trafficking, What can you do?

Classes for Professionals 

The classes offer basic human trafficking detection focusing on domestic sex trafficking from the survivor's perspective. The course also includes remedies, sector-focused suggestions, and live question and answer sessions with our Senior Survivor Educators for an interactive and engaging experience. 

Classes are available now for Law Enforcement / Service Providers and AML Investigators.

"Transactions and Beyond" 
HT Detection for Financial Investigators                                              
"Can You See Me Now?" 
Victim Approach for Law Enforcement and Service Providers   

Learn more about the meaning of "Survivor-Led" training at our Online Institute here:

Rick Campanelli, Celebrity host explaining the science behind Survivor Led training, and invites Timea Nagy, Founder and CEO to explain TC Online Institute's platform

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