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Business Meeting
Suggested Audience

EVERYONE! Professionals from the private sector, concerned citizens, parents, students, government workers, youth workers (13+).


29.99 + tax 

Available now in English

Starting date: May 1st 

Lecture style

  • Recorded with a live audience

  • Lecture style

  • Up to 2 hours

  • Pre-recorded

  • Self-Paced Adult learning

  • Quiz+

  • Certification of completion is available by TC Online Institute Inc.


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What is Human Trafficking and Modern-Day Slavery?

Where does it happen? 

How does it happen?

Who are the victims?
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The difference between trafficking and smuggling.

The difference between trafficking and independent sex workers.

What are the root causes?

What can you do, and MUCH MORE
Image by Mathilde Langevin

Human Trafficking 101

General Awareness Class

Course Objective & Content

Modern Day Slavery and Human Trafficking is a topic that is truly starting to show up in the news more often. Parents, youth workers, adults and concerned citizens are often left to their own devices to educate themselves on this issue, in order to prevent or recognize the signs in their own community. 


Have you thought about joining the movement to end modern-day slavery but don’t know where to start? Timea Nagy, Survivor of Human Trafficking, Global Influencer and Bestselling Author will provide a very unique insight to what Human Trafficking is. She works with global and local government leaders and survivors from around the world to bring you up-to-date information and first hand knowledge on a variety of content related to human trafficking, and what we as private citizens can do to help prevent it. 

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