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Police Cars
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Suggested Audience

Uniform & 911 Dispatchers + Crowns, Prosecutors

Suggested agencies/Units: Police, Probation, Immigration, Homeland security, Corrections, Human Trafficking Units and Vice Units

Training Format

  • 4 Hours

  • Live and recorded lecture style training (virtual)

  • Interactive question & answer period

  • Downloadable recording available for up to 30 days

  • Test and Certification of Completion

Available Training Dates

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The Mindset of a Victim

Human Trafficking in North America

Domestic Sex Trafficking

Lifestyle (the Game)

How to Identify a Victim
How to Approach a Victim

How to Build Rapport in Less Than 5 Mins

The Type of Calls Related to HT

Appropriate Resources to Suggest

Reporting/Intel Building
White Police Badge.png

Law Enforcement 

Human Trafficking Detection

Course Objective & Content

Our survivor-led training offers insight into the minds of victims when approached by police, why they are noncompliant and in some cases even aggressive, and why they don’t come forward or ask for help. 

The majority of victims interact with police a minimum of 3 times while being trafficked. These interactions include traffic stops, noise complaints, hotel calls, robbery, theft and more. All frontline officers come across victims of human trafficking but they are extremely difficult to identify. Victims are often accused of and arrested for crimes they have been forced to commit and officers arrest the wrong targets because they miss the signs.  

Our survivor-led training increases the confidence and knowledge of officers approaching victims, resulting in a higher success rate building rapport and getting statements.

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