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Compliance & Risk Assessment 

"A new concern is beginning to gain notoriety in society: human trafficking. This issue, which can result in slavery, should concern businesses. Over 40.85 million slaves exist globally today. The fact that human trafficking is a $150 billion business indicates either indifference for human rights or ignorance of the injustice occurring. Even though companies may be against the idea of human trafficking, they may not recognize that they could be contributing to this problem through their business operations and relationships. However, companies can exercise social responsibility by using their influence over suppliers and business partners to prohibit human trafficking" - Kathrine Taken Smith

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Our team of specialists are people with lived experience and subject matter experts. We offer private and confidential, behind-the-scenes assessments. We carefully guide your executive team on how your platform or current services could be used by Human Traffickers and potentially become direct avenues that lead to the victimization of individuals on your platform/properties or through services you offer. 

Once we identify red flags, we offer a holistic and comprehensive approach for you and your company. We aim to eliminate your business' risk of being held accountable for these illegal operations carried out on your platform/services/properties, in order to avoid potential Lawsuits and Reputational damage. 

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