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The world's first survivor lead global educational firm specializing in cross-sectoral modern-day slavery, awareness, detection, compliance and risk assessment training.

A personal message from our Founder and Survivor of Human Trafficking

"Modern Day Slavery is the symptom of everything that is wrong with our society today. All Sectors need healing and not one sector can do this alone. The more we learn about this issue, the more we can become a part of the solution. We are stronger together and we can make significant changes.

Changes are coming and it is all starting with you, today by deciding to take the first step and Get Educated. Once you get educated and you feel connected and passionate about this path, your role and next steps will magically show up.

And it will be a journey you have never taken before. 

It is totally possible to be passionate about this Cause and combine it with your existing skills, jobs, and everything you have ever done up until this point.

If the cause that nearly took my life and continues to disrupt many others is your calling, then you are in the right place.

So welcome to our Institution and thank you for taking the first steps to be apart of the solution to an issue that nearly took my life and is destroying 40,5 million others."

Timea E Nagy,

Founder and President of TC Online Institute

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Delivered over 3000 lectures;

 training and education.


Trained over 50,000

professionals globally.


Consulted and trained in over 150 cities around the world.


Assisted and supported over 350 Survivors of Human Trafficking.


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Cross-sectoral, comprehensive, cost-effective, high-level Human Trafficking Detection Training and Compliance and Risk assessment consulting by highly seasoned, Award-Winning Survivor Educators and Subject matter experts.

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Meeting Timea in December 2015 changed my life for the better in the learning of the scourge of human trafficking. More importantly, it inspired Project Project, a unique model of a public-private partnership between FINTRAC, law enforcement, the financial sector and others in addressing human trafficking using financial intelligence. The project has gained international recognition and has undoubtedly saved lives, identified victims and brought perpetrators to justice. Equally as important, in addition to the training provided directly by Timea through Project Protect, the Liechtenstein Initiative, and Vatican Taskforce on Modern Slavery, her indirect influence has inspired organizations like ACAMS, ACFCS, Meeting Professionals Against Human Trafficking and others to deliver training, which has conservatively touched tens of thousands of people.


What I particularly like about TC Online Institute is its potential to bring consistency across knowledge about human trafficking and the silos of good intent involved.  Thank you, Timea, for everything you do. 

Peter Warrack, CEO,

Blocktrain AML Compliance Solutions Inc

Why Do You Need Human Trafficking Compliance Training?

Making sure your company is able to detect Human Trafficking, and implement an appropriate reporting system, is no longer just "the right thing to do" in North America and other parts of the world.

Many countries, states and regions have adopted different forms of Modern Day Slavery Acts into their Legislation. These new legislations can have serious effects on corporations, both legally & financially, as well as risking reputational damage.

Please learn about current laws in North America and around the world. 


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