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Government - Non profits

Our team has been training International, Federal and Local Law Enforcement agencies and Service Providers for over 10 years. We reached over 15,000 Front line officers, investigators and service providers with our training.

Our materials focus on front-line training and have won national and international awards across North America. Our Award-winning trainers and subject matter experts bring a fresh and unique perspective using their lived experience. The most popular part of these courses is the interaction and role play section. 

Banking & Financial Services

Our Survivor team is been training, consulting, assisting hundreds of financial institutions, AML solution-based tech companies and departments, including the largest Banks in North America and around the world on the correlation of Human Trafficking and money laundering. We reached well over 30,000 members in 75 cities around the world within the financial institutions with our message since 2015.

Educational packages are available for the AML and the Responsible Investors sector.

Health Care

Our Survivor educators teamed up with Canada's top Health Care providers to create the most comprehensive and Survivor Focused Health Care education for ER doctors, nurses and family doctors. We consulted various agencies including the Government of Canada with new measurements and legislation around Human Trafficking in the Health Care industry.  

Coming in 2022


Forced Labor in the Agriculture industry is a growing problem in North America. Our team of Survivors and Front Lineworkers with members of the Canadian Government are currently developing a new educational package to support farmers, and corporations in the food industry to be able to Prevent Human Trafficking or spot the signs of Human rights abuse and Human Trafficking in the food sector.

Courses will be offered to front-line workers, management, HR and government officials such as auditors and health and safety regulators, investigators. This course will be offered in partnership with large Responsible Investors corporations such as the Mackenzies Investments.


When it comes to Human Trafficking, victims are transported via air, train, bus, taxi, Uber, Lift just to name a few. Truck drivers are also the eyes and ears on our roads across the continent. The signs of Human Trafficking are very similar in most western societies. We create Customized Employment training and Educational tools such as audio training modules by our experienced in-house Video Production team with professional Voice over artists and editors on stand by. 


Hotels, Airbnb's, short and long term property rentals are the number one place where Domestic Sex Trafficked victims are often exploited. Know the signs! Human Trafficking related lawsuits against Hotels are becoming more common with hefty fines and reputational damages. Let us help you to get ahead of that issue and hire our Surivor Educator team to teach the signs, prevention and recommendations.

Our Victim focused Employment training is offered to;

HR, Front desk, Housekeeping, Security, Event Management, App designers who design Automated Check-in and Check out monitoring


Coming soon.

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