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13 sex trafficking statistics that explain the enormity of the global sex trade
USA Today
Sex trafficking statistics
July 30, 2019
20 arrested in undercover human trafficking investigation in West Alabama
WSFA12 News
Arrests during an undercover operation in Tuscaloosa
March 1, 2021
450 held, dozens rescued in California human trafficking crackdown
A statewide operation to fight human trafficking ends with 450 arrests and the rescue of dozens of victims
Feb 5, 2021
6 people charged with human trafficking 80 workers from Mexico, Ontario RCMP say
Global News
Six people charged with bringing workers into Canada from Mexico to work
Feb 9, 2021
Brampton duo charged with human trafficking after police find teen girls in Burlington.
Brampton duo charged with human trafficking after police find teen girls in Burlington
Aug 13, 2020
Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline
Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline
The hotline connects human trafficking victims and survivors with short- and long-term supports
Hidden Victims
US News
A call to the health care sector to do more to help people being bought and sold
May 30, 2018
How Canada’s sex traffickers evade capture and isolate victims to prevent their escape
The Globe and Mail
How Canada's sex traffickers evade capture; 3 women's stories
Feb 22, 2021
Polaris Project
Myths, Facts, Stats
More Than 200 Arrests in Global Human Trafficking Crackdown
Homeland Security Today
In 2020, INTERPOL led an operation with more than 32 countries that resulted in a major global crackdown
Dec 12, 2020
Tips for Parents
Child Mind Institute
10 Ways to Teach Your Child the Skills to Prevent Sexual Abuse
“Too Many Bills to Pay” & “Poor Wages at Normal Jobs”: Income Factors for Some Women in Edmonton Body Rub Parlours
Centre to End All Sexual Exploitation (CEASE)
Article, rub parlours, transitioning, survivor voice
April 2016

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