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PG13, Adults, anyone



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September 15th 2022

Inspirational, Motivational, Emotional Roller Coaster

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Timea E. Nagy has inspired millions of people, Global and North American institutions, corporations, the North American and European Financial sectors, Governments, and the United Nations for over 13 years.

She has raised awareness worldwide and shared the stage with North American Celebrities, Holywood filmmakers, International Athletes, and National and International leaders.

Ashley Judd,  Jamie Foxx, Wayne Newton, Former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and 

Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith just to name a few.

Message from Timea

I am looking forward to seeing you at this event. I promise to make you cry, laugh, be inspired, moved, and feel emotions you haven't felt in a long time. I was told that listening to me speak is like getting on an emotional roller coaster you don't want to get off of.

The world has turned upside down and we have a lot to be afraid of, but I'd like to remind you with my story- a story of survival, struggles and heroes and happy endings that "There is always sunshine after the rain".

If you are feeling heavy, unmotivated, scared of the future, please come to the event and turn off for an hour with me. 


If ticket sales will pass production costs, I'd like to donate proceeds to the Ukrainian Humanitarian crisis.

I have a personal connection and partnership with a Hungarian agency on the ground, assisting Ukrainian refugees right now and for the next coming months. I will also be visiting this agency in the next coming months and will personally lend a hand and see firsthand how far your financial support went.  

If the event is smashing success financially, I'd like to split the proceeds and give the other half to our partner organization, Deliverfund, to support their efforts of rescuing orphans from targeted villages in Ukraine. 

When you register for this event, I will personally update you on any progress we made. 

Thank you for caring!

Looking forward to seeing you at my very first and very own live event!



Gray Structure

Out of the Shadows

Story of Surviving Human Trafficking 

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