Financial Advisor

Our Team of Instructors

Survivor Educators

Timea's Cause currently has a team of 12 Survivors of Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery from around the world, to offer professional sector-focused training and consulting. Our Survivors have lived experiences and can teach how HT happens from the perspective of a Trafficker or the Victim. Our team can point out existing gaps and offer product development related consulting in the following industries:

Tech, Artificial Intelligence products, Law Enforcement, Financial, Hospitality, Health Care, Transportation and Agriculture. Each of our Survivor educators are carefully teamed up with the industry they were exposed and were able to observe the criminal activity and behaviour during their captivity. 

Lead Survivor Instructor and Founder of TC Online Institute, Timea E Nagy has been recognized for her efforts, style of education and in-debt knowledge Internationally and Nationally. Recognizations of her work was awarded by Prime Minister of Canada, Queen Elizabeth, Governor General of Canada, Attorney General and Free The Slaves International. Our Survivor educators were carefully selected based on their lived experience, experience as a presenter, educator and policy adviser. 

As a result, our team is well reversed in Child Sex Trafficking, Child Labor, Forced Labor, Forced Marrige, Domestic Sex trafficking, International Forced Labor trafficking and Organ trafficking. 

Industry Experts

Our Survivor educators are also teamed up with subject matter experts from the industry with extensive front line experience and up to date knowledge in currents trends and stats in Human Trafficking. This model offers an experienced-based education with tools that can be immediately implemented to reduce compliance-related risks.