Training Classes

TC Online Institute currently offers various courses for individuals and sector-focused employment training for companies and agencies.

Current Classes Offered for Individuals 

The classes offer basic human trafficking detection focusing on domestic sex trafficking from the survivor's perspective. The course also includes remedies, sector-focused suggestions, and live question and answer sessions with our Senior Survivor Educators for an interactive and engaging experience. 

Classes are available now for: Police and Law Enforcement, AML Investigators, Parents and Youth, and Services Providers.

Police Officers/Law Enforcement                  2021/11/17

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST

(Will be recorded with 30 days access)

2 Hours, Online, Live Interactive 

$99.00 + tax (Includes Certificate of Completion) 

Award-Winning, Survivor Led HT (Human Trafficking) Detection Training: Domestic Sex Trafficking in North America for Law Enforcement.

Suggested audience: Front Line officers, Probations, Correction, Immigration, 

The class will cover:

  • Human Trafficking 101

  • Domestic Sex Trafficking

  • Forced Labor

  • Signs of a Victim-Trafficking situation

  • 10 questions to ask

  • Best victim-centred approach

Anti-Money Laundering                                       2021/11/25

Thursday, November 25, 2021

2:00pm to 4:00 pm EST  (Will be recorded with 30 days access)


2 hours       Live and Interactive, 

$159.00 + tax  + 2 CFCS credits and Certificate 

Our Survivor Led HT (Human Trafficking) Detection Training: Domestic Sex Trafficking North America for AML Investigators+. the class will give you insight into the behaviour of Human Trafficking, Traffickers and Victims behind the transaction flags.

  • Human Trafficking 101

  • Domestic Sex Trafficking

  • Forced Labor

  • Transaction Flags (real-life stories)

  • The difference between a Sex worker and a Sex Trafficked victim

Suggested audience: AML investigators, BSA officers, KYC investigators

Parents and youth  (13 years and up)           2021/12/09

December 9th, Thursday, 7:00 pm EST to 7:45 pm   ( will be recorded with 30 days access)

1.5 hours       Live and Interactive  with a question and answer session

$69.00 + tax   

Our team of Survivor Educators and Subject matter experts such as Social Media Safety, Cyber Security experts, School counsellors and Teen advocates will provide education on Digital Sex Trafficking, Digital Exploitation and more. Our experts will deliver this content in a non-traumatic matter and will give information to all parents about current trends, apps and safety tools available to keep your children safe online. 

Suggested audience: Parents, Guardians, Youth workers, Teenagers 13+

Service Providers              2021 / 12/10

December 10th Friday,  10:00 am to 12:00 noon EST

2.5 hours       Live and Interactive  with a question and answer session

$69.00 + tax   

This class will offer a very unique insight into the Mindset of the Victim of Human Trafficking, before, during and after being trafficked. This class is highly recommended for anyone who is working with Victims of Human Trafficking as a service provider. 

  • The Mindset of a Victim and childhood trauma

  • The Mindset of a Victim during being Trafficked

  • The Mindset of a Victim after being rescued or espace

  • Understanding of stages of healing

Over the course of 2021-2022 and beyond you can look forward to the addition of other courses in a multitude of human trafficking-affected industries. Keep checking back for updates, or contact us with any special requests. And as always, thanks for joining the fight against modern day slavery.